How Long Does It Take to Complete a Roof Replacement? (2023)

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Roof Replacement? (1)

Considering an upgrade for your roof? Whether your home has had hail or wind damage, or it’s simply time to substitute old shingles with beautiful, long-lasting new ones, a roof replacement can take a little time from contract to completion. What should you plan for, and how long will the process take?

To help you prepare for your roof replacement and know what to expect in terms of timing, we’ve put together a list of what determines how long it may take to get your new roof installed.

Factors that Affect a Typical Roof Upgradeor Replacement Timeline

Depending on your home’s unique characteristics, your roofing team, and the type of materials you’ve selected, a new roof can take anywhere from a day or two to a week or more to install. These aspects all get factored into our estimate for your roof replacement’s timeline. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Some Roofing Materials Take Longer to Install than Others

Today’s homeowners have so many choices for their roofing. And while that versatility allows you to customize your home’s curb appeal, it also means your roof replacement may require more craftsmanship during the installation.

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On average, traditional asphalt shingles can take 1-3 days to install, while wood shakes take 3-4 days. Slate requires 6-7 days, while concrete tiles take 8-9 days.

Larger Roofs Take Longer to Replace than Smaller Ones

As a general rule, the square footage of your home’s roof will be factored into how long a crew will need to replace it. For example, a cozy 1,200 square-foot Craftsman home will take less time (1-2 days, typically) than a 3,600 square-foot, three-story Victorian (3-4 days or more).

Size, of course, also reflects pricing. You may see this reflected in your estimate as “roofing squares”—which simply means 100 square feet of roofing. The greater the square footage, the more time your roofer will need to complete the work.

Steep and Shallow Roofs May Need Special Care

Homes in the greater Detroit area come in a variety of architectural styles, and some of them—such as Victorians, Queen Annes, and Tudors—can have steep areas, detailed dormers, and numerous other roof features. This typically requires a roofer to use special equipment to stay firmly on the roof during the work, and this equipment can take longer to set in place.

On the other hand, a home with a shallow roof may require the placement of additional underlayment to prevent moisture leaks. This is an added step that will lengthen your roof replacement, though of course it’s well worth it for the protection you’ll get.


Historic Homes Involve Unique Requirements

Many homes in the greater Detroit and Ann Arbor area are classified as historic. If you own such a home, you likely need to request special approval and permits for any exterior upgrades, including a new roof. This may take a little longer than permitting for a non-historic property.

In addition, there may be more time required to order specialty roofing materials that fit the character of your house. And the crew will take extra time and care to make sure the home’s structural and historic integrity is maintained.

Possible Delays when Replacing Your Roof

Even the best laid plans can get disrupted, resulting in delays for your roof replacement. Here are the most common reasons that your roof upgrade may take longer than initially expected.

Poor Weather

Roof replacements are usually done from late spring to early fall to take advantage of the higher likelihood of sunny, dry weather during your installation. But storms can arise unexpectedly. Rain, lightning, and hail make it dangerous for crews to be on the roof, and you don’t want moisture to leak into your attic either. So, a few days may be added to your roofing project due to the need to wait for clearer weather.

Unexpected Damage Is Discovered

Your roof upgrade will go fastest when everything is optimal—including the condition of the structure underneath your shingles. An inspection can give you a sense of how the outer layers are working, but some damage can hide until the shingles are removed. If extensive repairs are needed, it may delay your new roof.

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Insurance Claim Hold-Ups

If your roof has been affected by issues that your homeowner’s policy covers, such as a hail storm that breaks or dents shingles, your insurance may cover the repairs or replacement costs. However, the process of filing a claim takes time. You’ll need to submit documentation, have an inspection, and more.

Fortunately, a seasoned local roofing contractor (like our John McCarter team) has ample experience working with insurance companies and homeowners to move this process along. If you need help in this area, just let us know so we can offer guidance.

Speed Up Your Roof Installation by Scheduling Off-Season

Though roof upgrades most often get scheduled during late spring through early fall, you don’t have to feel restricted to only those months to get the work done. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to having your roof replaced in the winter. Many roofers have fewer projects on their calendars in colder months, meaning they can likely start your job sooner and finish it faster. And if you prefer to wait until spring, starting the process of inspection and planning now means you’ll be first on the books come warmer weather.

Trust Your Roofing Needs to the Right Team

When you’re ready to move forward on your roof care—whether that’s an annual inspection, a small repair, or a whole new roof—choose a team that knows greater Detroit area homes inside and out.

At John McCarter Construction, our expert craftsmen have been serving homeowners for years with superb roofing services you can count on, and we’re always happy to answer your questions so you can make the right decisions for your home. Let us know how we can serve you!

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