Is becoming a roofer worth it? (2023)

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Is it hard being a roofer?

Roofing is hard work, made harder because you may be working directly in the sun in hot conditions. The real day-by-day work is very physical. You'll head up and down the ladder throughout the day. First, you will head up to rip off the old shingles, flashing, membranes and any damaged plywood or OSB.

Is roofing one of the hardest jobs?

A new survey of contractors and consumers found that roofing is perceived as the most physically demanding construction trade, while electrical work seems to be the most difficult to master.

What are the risks of being a roofer?

Roofers encounter many hazards on the job, including hazards associated with working at heights and from ladders, power tools, electricity, noise, hazardous substances, and extreme temperatures. Unless these hazards are controlled by the employer, roofers risk serious injury, illness and death.

Is there a demand for roofers in the future?

The roofing industry market is expected to expand in the next five years. Key roofing statistics and trends will help you understand the industry's growth. The growth of roofing industry contractors in the US was 3.8% in 2021. There are more than 100,000 roofing contractors in the United States.

How long does roofing take to learn?

You can get into this job through a roofer intermediate apprenticeship. This can take up to 2 years to complete. You'll do on-the-job training and spend time with a college or training provider.

How fast do roofers work?

Typically, a new roof installation is a two-day process, but it depends on the size of your roof. Some jobs can be completed in a day while others may take three. Whether your roof replacement will take one day or three, it will be very disruptive to your children and pets.

What is the hardest trade to work?

Consumers and contractors agreed roofing and demolition are the most physically demanding trades. And while contractors voted carpentry as the third-most physically demanding trade, it barely cracked the top ten for consumers. Of course, muscle isn't all you need on a job site.

What is the most difficult trade?

When asked what type of work was most difficult to master (out of 32 different trades), the two groups of respondents (the average age of which was 43 years old) were in agreement again — electrical work was the hardest to master, followed by carpentry, HVAC, and cabinets/countertops.

What is the hardest trade on body?

The most physically demanding trades involve a lot of lifting, bending, and climbing, and are also often quite dangerous. Right off the bat, roofing is often considered to be the most dangerous of any of the construction trades.

How many roofers fall off roofs a year?

About 50 roofers are killed on the job each year, most by falls. The information in government reports suggests that inadequate fall protection is responsible for most of the fatal falls.

What is the biggest problem roofers face?

Weather. Weather is the number one enemy of roofers. Extreme weather conditions make it difficult for them to install roofs properly, hence leading to rework or delayed delivery of projects.

Do roofers ever fall?

About 30 percent of injuries to roofers are a result of falls or slips, which are likely to cause the most serious injuries. All roofers must be protected from falls on roofs over 20 feet high (15 feet on new production residential roofs), depending on roof slope (measured from ground level to lowest portion of eaves).

Where do roofers make the most money?

Detailed List Of Roofer Salaries By State
RankStateAverage Wage
46 more rows
Apr 11, 2022

Is roofing stressful?

All roofing projects come with their fair share of stressful moments. But keep in mind that it's an exciting experience that one should look forward to since it's a chance to renew and rejuvenate the home through repairs or replacements so the roof will perform like new.

Do roofers still work in winter?

While roofing contractors work year-round to install and repair roofs, and a high quality roofer will guarantee the same standards of work regardless of the season, the weather and temperature at the time of a roof replacement can impact on how easy the process is, and how much it will cost.

Is roofing in high demand?

Residential roofing remains in high demand in both cities and rural areas around the country. Contractors that identified as primarily residential reported median 2021 revenue ranging from $500,000 to $4.9 million. A total of 14% reported revenue between $5 million and $9.9 million.

What is the hardest job in construction?

When it came to the most physically demanding work, contractors and consumers agreed on the top two jobs: demolition and roofing. Each requires plenty of strength, balance and caution to safely and successfully complete the task.

Is roofing in demand?

New Housing to Pace Growth, but Reroofing to Remain Strong

New housing applications will continue to post solid demand growth through 2025. Housing starts – particularly in the important single-family segment – will remain high going forward as the industry continues to erect new homes.

How do roofers work in the winter?

Roofers might be willing to work on the roof in the winter, but their tools might not. Some tools like compressors and nail guns might be rendered ineffective or even unuseable by the freezing temperatures. Roofers will need to give extra effort to make sure their work is of good quality.

How do roofers go to the bathroom?

For some roofing companies, it is against company policy to use a customer's restroom. That is why you see roofers take breaks throughout the day to cool off and find a public bathroom. For commercial roofing jobs, the roofing company typically rents porta potties for the job site.

Do roofers work in 90 degree weather?

As a general rule, heat can pose a danger to roofing technicians when temperatures climb above 90 degrees. The heat index, which reflects both the temperature and the humidity, means that temperatures below 90 degrees can be dangerous, too.

What trade makes 100k a year?

On average, many construction managers, electricians, and welders earn more than $100,000 per year. For the trades skills, there is no necessity for two years or less of advanced education. You can place yourself on the path to earning over six figures.

What is the quickest trade to learn?

Quick trade jobs to learn include truck drivers, medical coders, and personal trainers. Trade school enrollment has surged as college enrollment dropped in recent years. Demand for trade jobs such as trucking has caused governments to relax licensure requirements.

What trade is the most attractive?

What We Know:
  • The most attractive tradesmen according to women are electricians.
  • The least attractive tradesmen according to women are road workers.
  • The most attractive tradeswomen according to men are engineers.
  • The most attractive tradeswomen according to women are glaziers.
Jan 10, 2020

What are the Top 5 paying trades?

The Highest-Paid Trade Jobs
  • Radiation Therapists. ...
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists. ...
  • Dental Hygienists. ...
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians. ...
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians. ...
  • Boilermakers. ...
  • Construction and Building Inspectors. ...
  • Electricians.

What is an easy trade that pays well?

Although learning a trade depends on the person's skills, some of the easiest trades to learn are elevator mechanic, electric lineman, millwright, boilermaker, and construction inspector, since you can learn your skills throughout apprenticeships and on-the-job training, and don't need a degree.

What is the easiest trade?

It seems that plumbers and electricians have the least physically demanding position, which the trade school degrees provide.

Why trade is so hard?

So why is trading so hard? Trading is so hard because there are so many aspects to trading that you need to know. Some of those are the quantity of misleading information out there, your own biases, and the necessity of striking a balance between risk and return.

Is day trade hard?

Day trading is difficult to master. It requires time, skill, and discipline. Many who try it lose money, but the strategies and techniques described above may help you create a potentially profitable strategy.

What trade is not hard on your body?

How about what is the least physically demanding trade? The consensus seems to be that plumbers and electricians have the least physically demanding work among the skilled trades.

Is roof tiling a hard job?

Very physically demanding. hard and fast-paced environment. little benefits. difficult to advance because of other people won't allow or would not like to see you make the opportunity to do so.

Is it easy to do roofing?

Con: Roof work is difficult

You're also going to need some specialized tools to make the job go easier and faster — such as a roofing nailer, air compressor, air hose, caulk gun, extension ladder and snips, to name just a few. Be prepared to haul many of them up the ladder too.

Are roofers messy?

It's a fact that re-roofing your home is messy work, but a meticulous contractor will have their crew trained to put out tarps to collect nails and small bits of debris and always keep materials, supplies, and tools well organized.

Why do ladies love roofers?

Dallas : Why do women love roofers? Jasmine : No idea. Dallas : Because they strip 'em and nail 'em all day long.

What is the death rate for roofers?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. The data shows that there are 47.4 roofer deaths per 100,000 workers.

What is the toughest trade?

Consumers and contractors agreed roofing and demolition are the most physically demanding trades.

What trade is hardest on the body?

The most physically demanding trades involve a lot of lifting, bending, and climbing, and are also often quite dangerous. Right off the bat, roofing is often considered to be the most dangerous of any of the construction trades.

What is the #1 hardest job in the world?

Top 30 Hardest Jobs In The World
  1. Military. Coming first on our list of the hardest jobs in the world is the military.
  2. Healthcare Worker. There is just no rest for a health worker once the shift begins. ...
  3. Alaskan Crab Fisherman. ...
  4. Iron and Steel Worker. ...
  5. Roofer. ...
  6. Cell Tower Climber. ...
  7. Firefighter. ...
  8. Oil Rig Worker. ...
Sep 6, 2022

Can anyone be a roofer?

To become a roofing operative, it's important to gain occupationally relevant qualifications and experience. This can be achieved through completing a college course, an apprenticeship, or on the job training. You should explore these routes to find out which is the right one for you.

What skills do you need for roofing?

Requirements and skills
  • Experience as a roofer or a similar role in construction.
  • Excellent carpentry skills.
  • Experience using various hand tools and equipment, such as scaffolds, taking safety rules into consideration.
  • Physical strength and good balance.
  • Ability to work at heights for long hours.

What qualifications should I look for in a roofer?

Look for a contractor who is a member of trade associations and certifications from their training and seminars. The more academic proof you have of their knowledge and skill set, the more comfortable you'll feel about choosing them over another.


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