Who was the first kid in jail? (2023)

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Who was Billy the Kid's dad?

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Why is Billy the Kid so famous?

Billy the Kid, born Henry McCarty, was an American outlaw and Old West legend known for his exploits of stealing and killing while traveling with a gang in the new Western territories.

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Is Billy the Kid based on a real person?

Little is known about Billy the Kid's early days, but he was most likely born Henry McCarty in the Irish slums of New York City sometime in late 1859. Raised by a single mother, he moved to Wichita, Kansas, as a boy before later migrating west to New Mexico in the early 1870s.

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Who was Billy the Kid's best friend?

Tom O'Folliard (1858 – December 19, 1880) was the best friend of outlaw William Bonney, a.k.a. Billy the Kid. Both were members of the Regulators during the Lincoln County War.

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Did Billy the Kid have blue eyes?

His soft blue eye was so attractive that those who saw him for the first time looked upon him as a victim of circumstances,” it reported. “In spite of his innocent appearance, however, Billy the Kid was really one of the most dangerous characters which this country has produced.”

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Who claimed Billy the Kid?

Roberts, or Ollie L. Roberts, was an American man who attracted attention in the late 1940s and the 1950s by claiming to be Western outlaw William H. Bonney, also known as Billy the Kid (who actually died in 1881). Roberts' claim was rejected by the governor of New Mexico, Thomas J.

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How much was the bounty on Billy the Kid?

On December 13, 1880, Governor Wallace posted a $500 bounty for McCarty's capture. Pat Garrett continued his search for McCarty; on December 23, following the siege in which Bowdre was killed, Garrett and his posse captured McCarty along with Pickett, Rudabaugh, and Wilson at Stinking Springs.

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Was Billy the Kid fast?

According to Pat Garrett, Billy was “quick as a flash.” While a good shot, he said, Billy “was no better than the majority of men who are constantly handling and using six-shooters. . . .”

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How many real photos of Billy the Kid exist?

Only one genuine photograph of the outlaw, real name William Bonney, is known to exist, making this previously unseen image a potential 'Holy Grail' for historians and collectors alike.

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Did Billy the Kid have a love interest?

Early 1880

Billy's lover Paulita Maxwell later claims that she never liked the picture, claiming it does not do him justice.


How much of Billy the Kid is accurate?

Billy The Kid, says Hirst, tells us that this story - his story - is one he believes to be the "most authentic". "It's not historically accurate because there's no such thing really as historical accuracy.

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Did Billy the Kid have a favorite horse?

Billy the Kid had always admired good horse flesh and he was proud to own one of the finest horses in the territory…a racing mare out of Texas stock. Unfortunately, history never learned the name of Billy's favorite horse, he only referred to her as “my bay mare,” and that she was his most prized possession.

Who was the first kid in jail? (2023)
What did Billy the Kid whistle?

The "sad ballad" that Billy whistles to let Texas Joe Grant know that he is in fact Billy the Kid is Seán Ó Riada's "Mná na h-Éireann" ("Women of Ireland"), written in the early 1960's.

Why was Billy the Kid called Bonnie?

Billy the Kid called himself William H. Bonney, but his original name was probably Henry McCarty. Bonney was his mother Catherine's maiden name, and William was the first name of his mother's longtime companion—William Antrin—who acted as Billy's father after his biological father disappeared.

What age was Billy the Kid when he first killed someone?

Sumner in the New Mexico Territory. He had several aliases but is best known as Billy the Kid. He was only 18 when he killed his first man.

Was Billy the Kid really left handed?

There was even a 1958 movie starring Paul Newman as “The Left-Handed Gun.” (It was all about New Mexico, but filmed in Thousand Oaks and Burbank, California, so what can you expect?) It turns out that Billy was actually righthanded; the famous tintype (it sold for $2.3 million) was reversed.

Was there a reward for Billy the Kid?

Billy the Kid spent the next year and a half as an outlaw. Wallace published a notice in New Mexico papers in December 1880 announcing a $500 reward for the delivery of the Kid. After being caught and jailed, in April 1881 the Kid managed a legendary escape, cementing his status as a Western icon.

What was the highest bounty ever?

The largest reward ever paid was a cool $30 million. The bounty was given to one person who provided information on Uday and Qusay Hussein, the sons of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who were killed in 2003 after a firefight with U.S. forces.

Did Billy the Kid have 2 guns?

But if we close our eyes, we can surely picture Billy the Kid in the days of old, riding gallantly off into a sunset with this badass gun by his side. Besides his Winchester, Billy the Kid had another gun in tow. It was the Colt single-action revolver, a small but sleek gun that could be tucked neatly into his waist.

What outlaw had the highest bounty?

In late 1876, pursued now by bounty hunters and the Pinkerton Detective Agency as well as the Rangers, Hardin moved to Alabama. $4000 then was 193.5 troy ounces of 0.999 fine gold. Or about $358,000 today. That is the highest “old west” bounty I know of.

Did Billy the Kid lose his parents?

At about age 21, Billy the Kid was gunned down by Sheriff Pat Garrett. Born on New York City's East Side, Billy as a child migrated with his parents to Kansas; his father died there, and the mother and her two boys moved to Colorado, where she remarried.

What did Billy the Kid call his horse?

Unfortunately, history never learned the name of Billy's favorite horse, he only referred to her as “my bay mare,” and that she was his most prized possession.

Who bought the only photo of Billy the Kid?

Bonney gave that photograph to his fellow cattle rustler, Dan Dedrick, whose descendants kept it in their family until it was put up for sale in 2011. It was purchased for $2.3 million at a Denver auction by Florida billionaire and energy executive William Koch.

Where is the real Billy the Kid buried?

Billy the Kid, the notorious Old West outlaw, was buried in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, about 150 miles southeast of Santa Fe.

Where is Billy the Kid reportedly buried?

Oakwood Cemetery

The gravesite is located north of town, on the east side of 281 N. The grave is visible from the road and marked with a granite arch inscribed “Billy the Kid."

Does Billy turn nice?

Once he was free of the Mind Flayer, he protected El and died a hero. So to summaries, Billy started off as villain in season 2, became an anti-villian at the start of season 3 and a hero throughout the rest of the season.

How did Billy the Kid Escape Custody?

On April 28, while Garrett was out of town, Billy managed to escape. While one of the jail's two guards was escorting a group of prisoners across the street to dinner, Billy asked the remaining guard to take him to the jail outhouse.

What was Billy the Kid famous line?

Quotes. I don't blame you for writing of me as you have. You had to believe other stories, but then I don't know if any one would believe anything good of me anyway.

What was Billy the Kid's last words?

Abstract. Billy the Kid spoke his last words in Spanish. Calling out “¿Quién es? ¿Quién es?” before he was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett, the young outlaw's final moments signal his diverse ethnic context.

Did Billy the Kid know Jesse Evans?

Let's summarize their relationship. After the Kid killed Windy Cahill in August, 1877 in Arizona he fled back to New Mexico briefly and briefly rode with the notorious Jesse Evans and his gang of hard-bitten desperados. It was during this period he took the alias, William Bonney.

Who were Billy the Kid's parents?

Billy the Kid

Did Billy the Kid have any family?

Billy the Kid

Did Billy the Kid have a stepfather?

There was his mother Catherine McCarty-Antrim, younger brother Joseph McCarty-Antrim, and his stepfather William Antrim. As for Billy the Kid's biological father, there is absolutely nothing known about him -not even a name.

Was Billy the Kid Part of Jesse Evans?

The Jesse Evans Gang, also known as “The Boys,” was an outlaw gang involved in cattle rustling and armed robbery in New Mexico from 1872 to 1879. Jesse Evans led the outlaws, and for a while, Billy the Kid rode with the gang.

Who did Billy the Kid hang with?

The core members of the gang, sometimes referred to as the “Rustlers,” were Tom O'Folliard, Charlie Bowdre, Tom Pickett, Billy the Kid, “Dirty Dave” Rudabaugh, and Billy Wilson.

Did Billy the Kid ever come to Texas?

He made his way with the help of some of the town people to a sheep herders camp where he recuperated until he was ready to travel.” Land says historians and researchers have tracked Billy the Kid's travel to Mexico and his return to Texas in the early 1900s when he finally settled in Hico for 17 years.

How accurate is Billy the Kid?

Fans of westerns will be quite pleased with Gore Vidal's Billy The Kid. It follows genre conventions closely and is regarded as the most historically accurate movie of the outlaw's life. Kilmer's own performance was well researched and considered, and he makes it his own.

Why does Billy the Kid have two graves?

New Mexico and Texas both have graves for Billy the Kid. The man Pat Garrett famously shot in 1881 is buried in New Mexico. The grave in Texas is for “Brushy Bill” Roberts, who in 1950 claimed Garrett shot the wrong man and that he was in fact Billy the Kid.

Did Billy the Kid have a friend?

Charles “Charlie” Bowdre was a friend to Billy the Kid, who fought alongside him in the Lincoln County War. Though not known to have been involved in outlaw activities, his relationship with the gang made him suspect. Charlie Bowdre came from a prominent family in Wilkes County, Georgia, where he was born in 1848.

What happened to Jessie Evans?

Evans was sentenced to prison in Huntsville but managed to escape from a work detail in May 1882 and was never heard from again.

What happened to Doc who rode with Billy the Kid?

Doc Scurlock died at age 80 from a heart attack in Eastland, Texas. He is interred in Eastland City Cemetery, along with his wife and other family members.

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