Xp fire shield gypsum board? (2023)

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What does XP mean in drywall?

XP® Gypsum Board was designed to provide extra protection against mold and mildew compared to standard gypsum board products. The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and the ends are square-cut and finished smooth. Long edges of the panels are tapered.

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What is the fire rating of gypsum board?

Fire rated drywall is referred to as “Type X” and must be third-party certified by an independent testing and listing agency such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)

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What type of gypsum wall board is required for fire rated assemblies?

Type X gypsum wallboard, 5/8" in thickness (“5/8" Type X wallboard”), is manufactured for use as one component of an assembly/system (such as a wall) where a fire resistance rating is required in a residential, commercial, or other structure by an applicable building code.

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What is the fire rating of 1/2 gypsum board?

Q:what is the fire rating of 1/2" type C Firecode gypsum board? A: It qualifies for fire ratings of up to 4-hours in walls, 3-hours in ceilings and 4-hours for column protection.

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Is Level 3 Drywall finish good enough?

Your finished surface will still be kind of rough and not ideal for a smooth wall design or a light texturing. Instead, a Level 3 drywall is best for walls that are meant to receive a heavy- or medium-texture finish across the entire surface (pictured), whether sprayed or hand-applied.

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Is PURPLE or green drywall better?

What's the difference between PURPLE drywall and traditional green drywall? Traditional green drywall (also known as greenboard) is only moisture-resistant. PURPLE drywall, manufactured only by Gold Bond Building Products, is superior because it offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance.

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Is all 5 8 gypsum board fire rated?

Regular drywall has naturally occurring fire resistance due to the presence of gypsum in the core but is not fire rated. Type X drywall has special core additives that allow it to be used in fire rated designs and usually comes in 5/8” thickness.

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What is the fire rating for 5 8 gypsum board?

The 5/8-inch, “fire-code” drywall (called Type X) increases a wall's fire rating to a minimum of 1 hour, from the 30-minute rating for standard ½-inch drywall.

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What are the disadvantages of gypsum board?

Advantages of gypsum board include low cost, ease of installation and finishing, fire resistance, sound control, and availability. Disadvantages include difficulty in curved surface application and low durability when subject to damage from impact or abrasion.

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How many layers of gypsum are needed for a 2 hour rating?

As 2 hours of fire protection has become the standard for fire safety in America, it has become somewhat of a standard practice to include two layers of type X drywall within a building's perimeter in order to achieve this required level of fire safety.

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What's the difference between fire rated drywall and regular drywall?

Fire-rated drywall is drywall that is thicker than standard sheets and which sometimes comes with extra additives to the gypsum core such as fiberglass. The purpose of fire-rated drywall is to slow the progress of fire to give inhabitants enough time to escape.

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What can be used instead of gypsum board?

Acoustic panels made from recycled materials can be a fantastic alternative to gypsum board. The main benefit is that this material can be fashioned into a variety of appearances and colors. This means that the ceiling panels can provide multiple design options.

Xp fire shield gypsum board? (2023)
What is a Level 5 gypsum board finish?

A Level 5 finish is a premium finish, and the highest degree of quality in drywall. It requires all aspects of a Level 4 finish and an additional skim coat of joint compound to cover the entire surface. A Level 5 finish provides a uniformly smooth surface that is obvious in the most severe lighting conditions.

Do gypsum boards catch fire?

Gypsum is a non-combustible material and makes no contribution to fire: it works, in fact, as a built-in sprinkler. One square meter of a 12,5 mm gypsum board contains approximately two liters of water of crystallisation in the gypsum core.

What is the fire rating of 3 4 drywall?

Sheetrock® Brand Ultracode® Core Panels (UL Type ULTRACODE) are 3/4 in. (19.1 mm) Type X panels that can provide 1-4 hr. fire ratings with fewer layers of gypsum panels than are typically required when used in approved applications.

What does level 4 drywall look like?

Level 4 – Upscale Interior

To achieve level 4 classification, the drywall must first have embedded joint tape on all seams and corners. After this, installers apply two coats of joint compound over the seams, one coat over the corners, and three coats over the fasteners.

What is the most common finish level for gypsum board?

A level 4 finish is used where flat paints and lightweight wall coverings will be applied over the wall surface. It is the most common type of finish and is considered the typical drywall level of finish.

What is the best drywall for interior walls?

1/2-Inch Drywall: Most drywall measures 1/2-inch thick. It's the most common choice for interior walls because they are easy to carry and hang. If weight is a concern, consider ultra-light half-inch drywall.

What drywall is best for ceilings?

5/8-inch thick drywall is the best drywall thickness for ceilings. Although you can use any type of drywall for ceilings as long as its installed correctly (even ultralight 1/4-inch thick drywall), a thicker panel is best. 5/8-inch thick drywall is the sturdiest which prevents sagging between ceiling joists.

What drywall is best for kitchen?

Mold- and moisture-resistant drywall panels are paper faced or paperless, have a special coating that deters moisture and helps prevent the growth of mold, and are an excellent choice for humid environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

What makes a 1 hour fire-rated wall?

One hour fire-rated walls may contain a non-combustible core and steel top and bottom. These panels are thicker than traditional building materials, such as sheetrock, and may feature a silicone finish. They're designed to be fire-resistant, yet lightweight. This makes them easy to work with, transport, and erect.

What makes a 1 hour fire-rated ceiling?

Ratings for fire resistance are given in accordance to the time a structure can contain a simulation fire. More specifically, if a wall is constructed in a manner that closely resembles a tested wall which has shown to contain flames and high temperature for one hour, it is eligible to receive a 1-hour rating.

Do I need fire-rated drywall in kitchen?

A: Fire-rated products are not typically used in single-family residential construction except for garages. These products are primarily used in commercial construction (high rises, office buildings, industrial, institutional) and any space requiring an area separation wall such as a hotel or multi-family home.

What is the fire rating of 3 8 drywall?

In the case of steel the studs are 3.5 by 8 inches and spaced at 24”o.c. Type X drywall has a minimum fire rating of one hour which is the requirement for many building codes.

What is the lifespan of gypsum board?

Assuming normal conditions, gypsum panels and gypsum plaster have an expected service life well in excess of 50 years.

What happens to gypsum board when it gets wet?

Because gypsum board has hydroscopic properties (it tends to absorb and retain water), water can damage the materials that make up the board and make it functionally unacceptable, along with the possibility of producing organisms, such as mold or mildew that can cause illness.

Is gypsum board same as Sheetrock?

Drywall is a popular building material made from gypsum that is used to form the flat surfaces of walls and ceilings in most modern homes. Also known as wallboard, plasterboard, gypsum board, or Sheetrock (a popular brand name by U.S. Gypsum Corporation), drywall is a convenient alternative to plaster.

How thick is 2 hour spray fireproofing?

How thick is 2 hour fireproofing? The SFRM thickness required per the UL assembly is 1-1/2” for a 2-hour fire-resistance rating.

How much gypsum board do I need?

Estimate Drywall Sheets

Calculate how many drywall sheets you will need by dividing the total square footage of area by 32 (if you're using 4-by-8 sheets) or by 48 (if you're using 4-by-12 sheets). If you want to get the cost, just multiply the total number of sheets by the price per sheet.

What is the maximum spacing for 1/2 gypsum on a stud wall?

frame spacing is 400 mm (16) o.c. for 12.7 mm (1/2) panels applied perpendicular to framing.

Does drywall need to be taped for fire-rated?

For a fire-rated assembly to be effective, the joints between successive layers of drywall and the fastener heads must be taped or covered with joint compound. In multi-layer assemblies, the base layer is not required to have the joints or fastener heads taped or covered with joint compound.

What is the best fire-resistant drywall?

Type X Drywall

Type X is one of two types of fire-rated drywall specifically manufactured with special additives to provide superior mold, mildew, and fire protection.

Does gypsum board mold?

Gypsum board does not generate or support the growth of mold when it is properly transported, stored, handled, installed, and maintained. However, mold spores are present everywhere and when conditions are favorable; mold can grow on practically any surface. GYPSUM BOARD MUST BE KEPT DRY to prevent the growth of mold.

What are the 3 types of gypsum materials?

How many types of gypsum are used in dentistry?
  • Type I gypsums are dental plasters for impressions. ...
  • Type II gypsums are dental plasters for mounting and models. ...
  • Type III gypsums are dental stones and intended for the production of high-strength models.

What is the cheapest way to cover a ceiling?

If you're looking for an affordable option that's low maintenance and easy to install, consider a glue-on or staple-on ceiling. They're available in basic textures and elaborate designs and attach directly to the existing ceiling or onto furring strips attached to the ceiling.

What is Level 1 gypsum finish?

Level 1: This level means that drywall joint tape has been embedded in joint compound, but nothing further has been done. Level 2: This next level means that you have skimmed a thin coat of joint compound over the tape and covered the drywall screw holes.

What is the difference between Level 3 and Level 4 drywall finish?

In Level 3, you have an additional coat of compound over the embedded tape at the drywall joints and angles. Here in Level 4, you have two additional coats. The fastener heads, accessories, and beads are covered with three coats.

What does a Level 5 finish look like?

In laymen's terms, a level 5 finish is drywall that has been taped, given a first and second coat, sanded briefly before applying a thin “skim coat” to the entire surface. The skim coat is then also sanded, and put under intense light to look for imperfections in the smoothness.

What is the problem with gypsum?

Gypsum build-up, if left untreated, will eventually wear down moving parts and result in maintenance issues for processing and material handling equipment. Consistent removal of material build-up, as well as an appropriate maintenance program, is recommended in order to counteract this issue.

What happens to gypsum board in a fire?

Calcination. occurs when gypsum board (also known as wallboard or sheetrock) is exposed to heat and the water of crystallization in the calcium sulfate layer is lost. As the paper and paint burn off the gypsum board, the board turns gray and begins to disintegrate.

What is 1 hour fire rating gypsum board?

This simply means that for a “one-hour fire rating” of a gypsum board assembly/system, all requirements of an ASTM E 119 test were successfully met in a testing laboratory furnace for at least 59 minutes and 30 seconds for that specific assembly/system and with those specific components of the assembly/system.

How thick is fire rated gypsum board?

Type C gypsum board is available in 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) and 5/8-inch (15.9mm) thicknesses. Fire rated Type X Shaftliner is 1” (25.4 mm) thick and used in special Shaftwall and Area Separation Firewall assemblies.

What is the fire rating of 5/8 Type C drywall?

Type C drywall is known as the more durable version of Type X—there are more glass fibers in this product as well as more vermiculite components, giving it a fire resistance of 2-4 hours. You can find this product at your local drywall and insulation store in 1/2” and 5/8” thickness.

What is purple XP drywall?

PURPLE XP® is a specially treated, mold- and fire-resistant paper-faced gypsum board that provides Xtra Protection (XP) against mold and mildew compared to standard gypsum board. The XP gypsum core is encased in heavy, mold-, mildew- and moisture-resistant, 100% recycled PURPLE paper on the face.

What is SoundBreak XP?

SoundBreak XP has an acoustically enhanced, high-density gypsum core encased in heavy, abrasion and mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled PURPLE paper on both sides. Plus, SoundBreak XP provides the same great mold-inhibiting qualities as XP Gypsum Board.

What are the different grades of drywall?

6 Common types of drywall
  • Regular drywall. Regular drywall, often called white board, is the most common type used in ceilings and walls in homes and commercial projects. ...
  • Mold-resistant drywall. ...
  • Plasterboard. ...
  • Soundproof drywall. ...
  • Fire-resistant drywall. ...
  • VOC-absorbing drywall.
Oct 15, 2021

What is the best drywall finish?

A Level 5 finish is a premium finish, and the highest degree of quality in drywall. It requires all aspects of a Level 4 finish and an additional skim coat of joint compound to cover the entire surface. A Level 5 finish provides a uniformly smooth surface that is obvious in the most severe lighting conditions.

Can mold grow on purple sheetrock?

No. While all drywall is naturally fire-resistant, PURPLE drywall is unique because it also resists moisture, mold and mildew. Some PURPLE drywall products also stand up to scratches, scuffs, dents and sound.

Is blue or green drywall better?

Unlike the green board drywall, blue board works great in bathroom areas or places that get in contact with water. It is perfect for wet areas because it has great mold and water resistance qualities. It was not made for tape, mud or paint but it certainly does a good job at minimizing noise and offering low emissions.

Is purple drywall worth it?

Purple drywall offers the same advantages as regular drywall, such as a good fire rating. But, it goes above and beyond as it also has moisture and mold-resistant characteristics. Besides having resistance to mold and mildew, some types of purple drywall can also withstand dents, scratches, and scuffs.

What is the best wall soundproofing?

Best Soundproofing Material
  • Soundproofing Spray Foam. Definition: Foam sprayed from a can that can be added as insulation to walls for insulation. ...
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier. Definition: Heavy, versatile material that reduces noise wherever it is placed. ...
  • Acoustic Caulk. ...
  • Acoustic Window Inserts.
Aug 3, 2022

What is the most soundproof drywall?

There are various drywall types, but the Type X drywall is the most commonly used for soundproofing. It is a fire-resistant board, and a board of 5/8″ thickness can resist fire for an hour, which concurrently makes it the best drywall to reduce noise.

What is the best soundproofing system?

ReductoClip / furring bar and two layers of plasterboard and Tecsound. These materials are extremely efficient at blocking airborne sounds travelling through. This is because their weight and density increase the overall mass, which, (as mentioned above) is crucial for soundproofing against airborne sounds.

What thickness of drywall is best for walls?

1/2-inch drywall is the most versatile board and the most common thickness for the 16-inch on-center interior walls in most homes. It offers a good balance between strength and weight. 5/8-inch drywall is a heavier product that resists sagging in ceilings and in 24-inch on-center interior walls.

What is the best brand of drywall?

What are the Best Drywall Brands?
  • The National Gypsum Company: This company makes natural gypsum boards that are entirely VOC-free when paper-backed. ...
  • USG Corporation (maker of the well-known brand Sheetrock): Sheetrock's SDS sheets claim to have absolutely no VOCs.
Feb 24, 2022

What is the most common interior finish for gypsum board?

A level 4 finish is used where flat paints and lightweight wall coverings will be applied over the wall surface. It is the most common type of finish and is considered the typical drywall level of finish.

Should you skim coat new drywall?

Installing new drywall – Skim coating new drywall ensures a uniform surface for priming or painting, and should always be done to at least a very thin extent if the drywall isn't going to be textured.


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