Yawl occasion? (2023)

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What is a yawl used for?

Generally, a yawl is a double-ended, clinker built open boat, which can be worked under sail or oar. They are considered to have Viking or Norse influence in their design. Most were operated from a beach or a small harbour, with the boat being hauled out of the water when not in use.

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What is yawl sailing?

yawl, two-masted sailboat, usually rigged with one or more jibsails, a mainsail, and a mizzen. In common with the ketch, the forward (main) mast is higher than the mizzenmast, but the mizzenmast of a yawl is placed astern of the rudder post, while that of the ketch is closer amidships.

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What is the difference between a ketch and a yawl?

A ketch has two masts with the mizzen mast stepped before the rudder head. If the mast is stepped aft of the rudder head the boat becomes technically a yawl not a ketch.

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What is a two masted sailboat called?

Schooner: A schooner is a sailboat with at least two masts, with the forward mast (foremast) being a bit shorter than the main mast. Although a schooner can have more than two masts, most were just two.

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What does it mean to yawl?

yawl 2. / (jɔːl) / verb. (intr) British dialect to howl, weep, or scream harshly; yowl.

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What is the origin of yawl?

yawl (n.) type of ship's boat, 1660s, apparently from Middle Low German jolle or Dutch jol "a Jutland boat" (according to a 1708 source), of uncertain origin. Also borrowed into French (yole), Italian (jolo), Russian (yal).

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What are the 3 sails called on a sailboat?

Either a jib, a genoa or a spinnaker, there are several sizes of headsails: A working jib is a smaller jib that fills the space between the mast and forestay, used in stronger winds.

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What is flipping a sailboat called?

Capsizing or keeling over occurs when a boat or ship is rolled on its side or further by wave action, instability or wind force beyond the angle of positive static stability or it is upside down in the water.

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What is the sailing term for no wind?

The "doldrums" refers to the belt around the Earth near the equator. Because there is often little surface wind for ships' sails to use in this geographic location, sailing ships got stuck on its windless waters. Over time, people equated the calmness of the doldrums with being listless or depressed.

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What is a cunningham on a sailboat?

In sailing, a cunningham or cunningham's eye is a type of downhaul used on a Bermuda rigged sailboat to change the shape of a sail. It is named after its inventor, Briggs Cunningham, a victorious America's Cup skipper and yacht builder.

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Why is it called a sloop?

The name originates from the Dutch sloep, which is related to the Old English slūpan, to glide. A sloop is usually regarded as a single-masted rig with a single headsail and a fore-and-aft mainsail.

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Why is it called Mizzen?

mizzen (n.)

The sense of the English and Italian words agree, but the etymology is off because the "middle" mast on a ship is the mainmast. Perhaps it refers to a sail of "middle" size, or the thing described changed. Klein suggests an alternate etymology of the French word, from Arabic via Italian.

Yawl occasion? (2023)
What is a 5 masted sailing ship called?

The Royal Clipper is the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship in the world, inspired by the 1902 classic tall ship Preussen.

What do you call the captain of a sailboat?

If it's a sailboat, you'll be sailing the boat, or be called a sailor. If you're the boat owner and are driving the boat, it would be appropriate to be called captain, but other common names include skipper, pilot, sea captain, commander, or helmsman.

What is a shark sailboat?

The Shark 24 is a Canadian-designed 24 ft sailing yacht which has earned itself a reputation of extraordinary reliability and longevity among sailors both in North America and Central Europe.

Is it yall or yawl?

The only proper way to spell the contraction of "you" and "all" is "y'all."

What is the meaning of YEWL?

: a ship's small boat : jolly boat. : a fore-and-aft rigged sailboat carrying a mainsail and one or more jibs with a mizzenmast far aft.

Where did the word Tellurian come from?

Etymology. From Latin tellūs (“earth, ground; the globe, planet Earth; country, land”) (ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *telh₂- (“ground, bottom”) +‎ -ian (suffix meaning 'from, related to, or like' (when forming an adjective), or 'one from, belonging to, relating to, or like' (when forming a noun)).

What is another word for a ship's small boat?

As a ship's boat, the pinnace is a light boat, propelled by oars or sails, carried aboard merchant and war vessels in the Age of Sail to serve as a tender. The pinnace was usually rowed but could be rigged with a sail for use in favorable winds.

Is ya ll a pronoun?

Y'all is known to be a second person pronoun, but its precise nature is a matter of dispute. Traditional explanations define y'all as an exclu- sively plural form of the pronoun you, meaning simply 'more than one'.

What is roach on a sail?

Roach is a term also applied to square sail design—it is the arc of a circle above a straight line from clew to clew at the foot of a square sail, from which sail material is omitted. The greater the departure from the straight line, the greater the "hollow" in the roach.

What is the only rope on a sailboat?

There is only one “rope” on a sailboat, the bolt rope which runs along the foot of the mainsail. Mainsail: As the name implies, this is the main sail of the boat. It is the sail attached to the back of the mast.

What is a Yankee jib?

A jib, also known as a jib skirt or jib sail, and actually better known as a yankee, is a type of genoa, a headsail on a sailboat. You can think of it as a geuna with a high-cut clew. A jib or yankee is often used in conjunction with a cutter jib, as the cutter jib nicely fills the space of the high clew.

What are beginner sailboats called?

Dinghies are typically one or two-person sailboats with a singular sail, singular mast, and are designed to be simple to use. Being suitable for one or two people makes them ideal for learning with a teacher and practicing on your own. They are very light, making them easy to use but also prone to capsizing.

Can a capsized sailboat right itself?

Once capsized, only a small amount of further rolling moves the hull into the positive righting area and the boat comes back upright. Boats with wide beams and shallow drafts tend to have high initial stability but may capsize at 90º of heel and will not always be self-righting.

What happens if a sailboat loses its keel?

As the basic integrity of any yacht depends on the counter-weight of keel against the mast structure, it is a given that when a yacht loses its keel, it will capsize and not right itself. With this as a given, the structural integrity of the keel is one of the most crucial elements of the yacht's structure.

How do sailors say goodbye?

How do Navy people say goodbye? “Fair winds and following seas” is a common phrase for those in the United States Navy, where it's used to say farewell to those retiring or leaving for deployment.

What is a female sailor called?

synonyms for seaman/woman. bluejacket. boater. boatman/woman.

What is devil in nautical terms?

The devil was the ship's longest seam in the hull. Caulking was done with pay or pitch (a kind of tar). The task of 'paying the devil' (caulking the longest seam) by squatting in the bilges was one of the worst and most difficult jobs onboard. The term has come to mean a difficult, seemingly impossible task.

What is a boom vang in sailing?

A boom vang (US) or kicking strap (UK) (often shortened to "vang" or "kicker") is a line or piston system on a sailboat used to exert downward force on the boom and thus control the shape of the sail.

What does a boom vang do on a sailboat?

The vang allows vertical adjustment of the boom, and is an extremely important tool to shape the main for speed. Tension the vang to tighten the leech, flatten the sail and bend the mast. Cruisers use the vang to keep the boom from rising when sailing downwind and abraiding the main.

What is a sailboat Chine?

A chine is the section of a boat where the sides of the hull intersect with the underside, or bottom of the hull. It is commonly identified as the place where there is a sharp angle change in the cross section of a hull.

What is a schooner?

schooner, a sailing ship rigged with fore-and-aft sails on its two or more masts. To the foremast there may also be rigged one or more square topsails or, more commonly, one or more jib sails or Bermuda sails (triangular sails extending forward to the bowsprit or jibboom).

Is a brigantine a schooner?

In modern American terminology, the term brigantine now usually means a vessel with the foremast square rigged and the mainmast fore-and-aft rigged, without any square sails. Historically, this rig used was called a schooner brig' or hermaphrodite brig. In Europe, the distinction is typically still made.

Is a ketch a sloop?

In basic terms, a ketch can carry more sail area than a sloop, but with smaller sails and a greater range of combinations that are easily managed shorthanded. As Glanville noted, a ketch can “turn up and down” (upwind and downwind), “go to and fro” (tacking, presumably) “almost with any wind” (in all conditions).

What is the etymology of culvert?

a derivation from an unrecorded Dutch word, possibly *coul-vaart, a combination of Dutch coul-, from French couler (“to flow”), and Dutch vaart (“a trip by boat, a canal”).

What is the purpose of a mizzen mast?

The mast farther aft -the mizzenmast -carries sails set fore and aft. The other sails are square. Staysails are usually set between masts.

What does the word mizzenmast mean?

mizzenmast (plural mizzenmasts) (nautical) The aftmost mast on a ship having three or more masts; the third-tallest mast on a full-rigged ship. (nautical) The second mast of a ship having two masts where the second one is shorter, such as a ketch or yawl.

Is a yawl a yacht?

A type of rig of a small sailing boat or yacht, apparently an adaptation of the Dutch word jol, or skiff. The true yawl rig consists of two masts, cutter rigged (in the English meaning of the word) on the foremast, with a small mizzen-mast stepped abaft the rudder head carrying a sail.

What is the purpose of a cunningham on a sailboat?

The cunningham controls the fore and aft position of draft in the mainsail or genoa and works together with the traveler, mainsheet, outhaul and vang to optimize sail shape and increase boatspeed. Cunningham controls lead to the crew to encourage adjustment as wind speed changes.

Why did pirates use sloops?

That's because they were fast (11 knots), highly maneuverable, and have a shallow hull. The sloops easily sailed over shoals. They were fast even without the wind because of a few pair of oars. That's why a sloop made a perfect fit for any quick pirates' action.

Why is it called a ketch?

The name ketch is derived from catch. The ketch's main mast is usually stepped further forward than the position found on a sloop. The sail plan of a ketch is similar to that of a yawl, on which the mizzen mast is smaller and set further back.

What is a gentleman's yacht?

GENTLEMAN'S YACHT is a 25.78 m Motor Yacht, currently being built in Italy by Codecasa and to be delivered in 2023. Her top speed is 25.0 kn, her cruising speed is 20.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 2100.0 nm at 9.0 kn, with power coming from two MAN diesel engines.

What is the captain of a yacht called?

The Luxury Yacht World Is Evolving

These yachts have meant that Captains are also known as Masters, and should hold an unlimited tonnage ticket. As such, Captains have been transferring across from the commercial maritime world, particularly from the luxury cruise line sector where they have been dealing with HNWIs.

What is the roach of a sail?

Roach is a term also applied to square sail design—it is the arc of a circle above a straight line from clew to clew at the foot of a square sail, from which sail material is omitted.

What is the advantage of a ketch over a sloop?

In basic terms, a ketch can carry more sail area than a sloop, but with smaller sails and a greater range of combinations that are easily managed shorthanded. As Glanville noted, a ketch can “turn up and down” (upwind and downwind), “go to and fro” (tacking, presumably) “almost with any wind” (in all conditions).

What is the tallest mast on a ship called?

The masts of a full-rigged ship, from bow to stern, are: Foremast, which is the second tallest mast. Mainmast, the tallest.

Is a jib a staysail?

Triangular staysails set forward of the foremost mast are called jibs, headsails, or foresails. The innermost such sail on a cutter, schooner, and many other rigs having two or more foresails is referred to simply as the staysail, while the others are referred to as jibs, flying jibs, etc.

How did pirates use the bathroom on ships?

Before the late 15th century, sailors would either relieve themselves over the side of their ship, or collect any waste in buckets to be thrown overboard. By the 16th century it was a common practice for individuals to use the bow of the ship for this purpose.

Did pirates sleep on their ships?

Pirate captains and higher-ranking members had private sleeping quarters, while common sailors had to sleep in one room. Some of them slept on hammocks. Others slept on the floor. It was easier for them to sleep on hammocks because they swayed and rocked with the ship's movements.

Why can't cargo ships shoot at pirates?

Cargo ships don't carry weapons because it is feared this would increase the likelihood of crew members getting killed or injured. Anti-piracy tactics tend to focus on preventing pirates boarding in the first place.


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