Yo tengo translation? (2023)

Should I say tengo or yo tengo?

The verb (in its infinitive form) here is “tener”, which means to have. But it's only ever “tengo” when the subject is “I”, so you never need to say “Yo” (which means “I”, remember). The way a native speaker would say this is actually “Tengo dos autos”. “I had two cars” = “Yo tuve dos autos”.

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What is the meaning of Yo Tengo?

1. Tengo means I have. If we speak in grammatical terms, tengo is the conjugation of the verb tener (to have) in the present tense, in the first-person singular (that is, yo or I).

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How do you answer yes to a question in Spanish?

¡Sí! (Yes) The Spanish word for 'yes' is 'sí. '

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What is the Spanish word that means enough?

If you want to say “enough” in Spanish, you can simply say “suficiente.”

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Is Tengo hambre correct?

If you'd like to say “I am hungry” in Spanish, you'd say “Tengo hambre.” Even though it's not an exact translation—it means “I have hunger”—it's the most common phrase used by Spanish speakers. From time to time, you may hear someone say “Estoy hambrienta.” It means the same thing, but it's not used as often.

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What does tengo mucho gusto mean?

Mucho Gusto

Pronounced: Moo-cho Goo-stow. This phrase means “nice to meet you.” It is obviously used when you're meeting someone for the first time.

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What is Yo No Tengo Dinero?

Spanish. English. yo no tengo dinero. I don't have any money.

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Is Yo tengo a verb?

Tener in English is either to have or to be. It is translated as to have when it means “to possess” in Spanish.
Presente – Present Tense Conjugation.
yo tengoI have
tú tienes vos tenés (South American)you have
él/ella/usted tienehe/she has you (formal) have
3 more rows
Jul 8, 2018

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Is it yo tengo or yo tiene?

The difference between "tengo" and "tienes" arises from a difference of person: "tengo" is in the first person, and "tienes" is in the second. The difference can be understood best by an example: Yo tengo anteojos de sol. (I have sunglasses.)

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How do you answer que te gusta?

The answer will be sí, me gusta(n)… or no, no me gusta(n)…

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How do you answer Como?

"How are you?" estoy means “I am,” and bien means “fine;” so it literally means "I'm fine." When someone asks you ¿Cómo estás? If you feel alright, you say estoy bien; you could also say, estoy muy bien, to give more emphasis, which means “very good” or “very well.”

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What is que chivo?

What does 𝐐𝐔𝐄 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐕𝐎 mean? It is a Salvadoran slang. meaning, 𝐜𝐨𝐨𝐥, 𝐚𝐰𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐚𝐝!

Yo tengo translation? (2023)
Does Basta mean enough in Spanish?

Basta is the imperative form of the Italian verb bastare, “to stop.” It's a forceful way to command: That's enough! Both the Spanish and Italian basta are based in Latin.

Does bastante mean enough?

Bastante can mean enough, but it can also mean just a large amount or a lot. He comido bastante. -- I have eaten quite a bit/a lot.

What is lunch in Spanish?


Do you conjugate after tengo que?

Tener que is the phrase for "statements of necessity" that is usually learned first by students of Spanish because it is very common and doesn't require the knowledge of any verb conjugation beyond the forms of tener. Translated as "to have to," it is followed by an infinitive. Tengo que pagar impuestos.

What does Hasta Manana mean?

hasta mañana in American English

(mɑˈnjɑnɑ ) Spanish. so long; (I'll) see you tomorrow.

What does Buenos Dias mean and reply?

Buenos días literally translates to “good days,” combining the Spanish buenos, meaning “good,” and días, meaning “days.” Despite being written as plural, the phrase is used in Spanish and English to simply mean “good morning” or “good day.”

What's the meaning of Encantada?

Encantada (Spanish and Portuguese for "charmed" or "enchanted") may refer to: Encantada, Texas, a census-designated place near Brownsville, Texas, USA.

What is Tengo Trece Anos?

I'm thirteen years old.

How is no said in Spanish?

No, gracias

This is the standard way of saying “no” when offered something. It's also the most polite option. No, gracias means “No, thank you” in Spanish, and it's used in the same way as in English.

What is tengo doce anos?

I'm twelve years old.

Is Yo past tense?

Note that the nosotros form is the same as the present tense form.
The preterite is used to describe actions which have been completed.
PersonVerbs ending in -arVerbs ending in -er and -ir
él, ella, usted-ió
2 more rows

What are the 3 Spanish verbs?

First things first: there are three classes of Spanish verbs: -ar verbs, -er verbs, and -ir verbs. These are the infinitive verb endings (or dictionary form of the verb).

What tense is yo?

Because the yo form in the present tense usually ends in ‐ o, the ‐go ending sounds like the English word “go.” A verb that ends in ‐ ger or ‐gir must maintain a soft g sound, so the yo form will change the spelling from g to j.

Is Tengo a tener?

Since the tengo form of tener can only be used for yo (I), you can leave that word out and say simply Tengo un carro.

Is it tu eres or Tu Es?

Eres is used for more permanent situations and estás is used in more temporary situations. Sjlkh is correct in saying the está and es are used for formal situations and tú and estás are used for informal situations. Hope this helps.

Why is it yo tengo hambre?

Hambre means "hunger", not "hungry". The sentence would translate as "I am Hunger". Only one of the horsemen of Apocalypse would say that. The usual way to express "I'm hungry" in Spanish is "tengo hambre" (lit.

What is a mi no me gusta?

Translation of "mi no me gusta" in English

I just don't like. I do not really like.

What do no me gusta mean?

i don't like.

Do you say gusta gusto?

In Spanish, gusto is a masculine noun and means taste, flavor or pleasure. You can see all its English meanings on SpanishDict. On the other hand, gustó is the past form of the verb gustar: Me gusta (el coche) is used for the present tense: I like the car/The car pleases me.

Do you conjugate verb after Tengo?

Tener que is the phrase for "statements of necessity" that is usually learned first by students of Spanish because it is very common and doesn't require the knowledge of any verb conjugation beyond the forms of tener. Translated as "to have to," it is followed by an infinitive.

Is Tengo singular or plural?

The conjugation of tener (e:ie) “to have” is as follows: first person singular – tengo. second person singular – tienes. third person singular – tienes.

What is the verb for Tengo?

Verb tener
yotengo(I have)
tienes(you have)
Ud/él/ellatiene(you/he/she has)
nosotros (as)tenemos(we have)
vosotros (as)tenéis(you guys have)
1 more row

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